The ICEMAN Polar Race 2016 – Second Time Lucky..?


My feet had hardly settled from walking in South Africa, when another trip called.  I had been 33’ south on the Cape in late march and suddenly I was heading to Greenland, 72’ north. +30C was about to be replaced with -30C. I was tired, but thankfully organised for the ICEMAN Polar Ski Race

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Himlung Diary part 2 – The Haunting…


One of my favourite ghost films is ‘The Haunting‘.  Based on the wonderfully written book by Shirley Jackson, it tells the story of a house which is haunted by a ghost you never see.  Door handles move and people feel strange presences, but there is no visible spectre.  Why am I writing about this when I’m mountaineering in Nepal..?  Well, an old ghost came to visit me on the hill one night…

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Himlung Diary part 1 – Tragedy in the Snow…

I struggled to cram the last big of kit into my huge bag.  It wasn’t anything technical like crampons or ice screws, or vital like my first aid kit or medication, but that half bottle of Talisker I was determined to take into the mountains.  Eventually it slipped in, but I though to myself ‘after all these years, why do I still take so much stuff..?’  I was sure I’d got too much gear, but knew that Himlung was notorious for its cold weather.

Russia 2012 – The North side of Elbrus

Standing as the tallest mountain in Europe, Mt Elbrus 5,642m (18,510ft) is not a climb to be undertaken lightly. High winds and freezing temperatures make this one of the world most notorious peaks. The west peak was first climbed in 1874 by Florence Crauford Grove. Continue reading

Indonesia 2006 – Sulphur, Stone & Ceremony

I returned to Sumatra to make another attempt on Gunung Kerinci, before flying to Papua to climb the hardest peak of my 7 x 7 challenge – Carstensz Pyramid. The climbing went so fast that I was left with ten days to spare, so I travelled across South Sulawesi and Central Java taking in the culture of the islands… Continue reading

SE Asia 2005 – Warmer Climbs

Being back in the tropics was quite a change of climate from my last expeditions. I experienced jungle life at its best (and wettest), climbed high peaks and experienced differing cultures and customs. Volcanic activity halted one of my climbs and a boating accident almost cost me dear, but once again I have had an incredible adventure! Continue reading

Baffin Island 2003 – Sane Mountaineering Decisions

The weather trapped us in a six day snowstorm, but we still managed to climb on this wonderful remote Island. The mountains seem to go forever, and with so many still unclimbed, this is a climbers paradise!

Named after the British explorer William Baffin – Baffin Island is one of the largest islands in the world. Continue reading

Chile 1994 – Raleigh International Expedition 94A

Traveling to Chile with Raleigh International gave me my first taste of expedition life. In the three months I spent there I learned a great deal about the country and it’s people. I worked on projects ranging from scientific and community work, to trekking in some of the remotest mountains in the world…

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