Keynote Speaker

Some people dream of success. I make it happen.

Your event

I am a powerful speaker who is as dedicated to making your event a success as I when I climbed in the world’s highest mountains ranges in seemingly impossible weather conditions.

My stories will enthral and motivate an audience in equal measure, leaving them gasping in admiration at what the human spirit can achieve.

I tailor every keynote to fit your requirements, so feel free to call and discuss your event.  

My story

Why is my story one that will make your delegates sit up and take note?

Well, not having any fingers, toes and visable frostbite on my face might do it!

But the truth is so much more, mine is a story that starts on the top of an Alaskan mountain and takes the delegate on a journey from that lifechanging event through to the present day.

My story parallels our changing world as we face competitive global markets and the drive for efficiency.

It’s about how humans can adapt to change with the right mindset, motivation and courage.

Working together

Thirty years in engineering, one privatisation, four takeovers and a body changing life experience has given me, if nothing else, experience. 

Your company mission statement, vision and values, business strategy, profit growth projections, internal change programmes and so much more will touch some part of your event. 

I understand these things, so tell me what your event goals are, how you want to engage with the delegates, what is on the minds of management and I’ll listen to you, connect with you and make sure that my story and the way it’s delivered connects with your conference theme.