Crossing the Cuillin…

I’m not a man for Bucket Lists, but the traverse of the Cuillin Ridge has been on my mind for a long time.  The legends it has created are long seated in the history of British Mountaineering and an opportunity appeared for me to give the ‘Royal Route’ a go.  I had recently been climbing at altitude in Uganda and felt strong for the challenge.  Guided by Martin Moran, I crossed the 12 Monroe’s faster than I could have imagined, but wore my skin grafts almost to the bone.

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Snow Joke..? – The Second Frostbite Report


It seems that winter has finally arrived in the UK.  As usual the press is full of horror stories about huge freezes and apocolyptic snowstorms – well, six inches anyway.  Why in Britain do we take such a sensationalist view of out natural climate..?

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