Don’t (always) believe what you read…


The modern world seems to rely on instant news media.  Satellite communications and Social Networking relay information around the globe within milliseconds, against the hours, days, weeks and even months that used to be required.  Though this has a good side, it can also cause unnecessary stresses and tensions, as my family found out recently…

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Get Insured – It Could Happen to You..!


I was recently asked to write an article on the importance of insurance, predominantly personal insurance.   Sickness and accidents can happen at any time, but I wonder how many of us are prepared..?  The field of insurance can seem bewildering and boring, but it’s a subject that we should not ignore.

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On the Edge – July 2014


The Kendal Mountain festival has traditionally been held in November, when nights are dark and the weather (usually) wet.  Things are changing, and a new festival ‘Kendal Mountain Festival On the Edge‘ has been launched for the weekend of July 25 – 27th 2014.

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Language is full of sayings and quotes about time. ‘Time is of the essence, ‘Time is money’, ‘Time marches on’ etc.  This unending continuum drives many people’s lives at a relentless pace and without respite.  For some, it rules their lives, but should it..?

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The Iceman Polar Race – part II

I'm sure something is following me

I’m sure something is following me

The next morning the wind had died and weak rays of sun fought their way through high, wispy clouds.  I dug out my tent, packed my pulk and all of us set off on skidoos to the valley of Kalkdal.

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Is modern communication destroying adventure..?

Here’s the TEDx Derby presentation I gave asking the question “Is modern communication is destroying adventure..?”  Whats do you think..?

Seven Peaks – Seven Islands part VI – Iran Jaya


Here’s the sixth miniblog about my Seven peaks – Seven Islands challenge…

Carstensz Pyramid (4884m-16023ft) is a classic in the mountaineering world.  First sited in 1623 by Dutch explorer Jan Carstensz, it is the highest island peak in the world.

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Is modern communication destroying adventure..?


Technology has entered our modern lives with a vengeance.  Whether we like it or not, the digital age has crossed the globe and there seems little escaping it.  I recently spoke at TEDx Derby, and challenged an audience of creative and technology driven people to think differently about the umbilical cord of the mobile phone, wi-fi and worldwide web…

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Seven Peaks – Seven Islands part III – Japan


Here’s the third miniblog about my Seven peaks – Seven Islands challenge…

Most of the worlds mountains were first climbed in the Victorian era, but Mt Fuji (3776m-12388ft) must hold the oldest recorded 1st ascent – 663AD..!  Japan is an ancient country with deep-rooted traditions and I would urge a little research into etiquette before you visit.

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Seven Peaks – Seven Islands


The Seven peaks – Seven Islands challenge encompasses freezing Polar ice to burning tropical savannah, ski touring to scrambling, volcanoes to glaciers and everything in-between.  It may not have the altitude of the Seven Continents climbs, but brings huge challenges and rewards for those will to take up the baton.

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Turn your ideas into reality..!

One of my top five tips for life, business and education…

I’ve spoken to literally thousands of people in my career and hopefully I’ve inspired many of them.  I’ve heard fantastic ideas come from people after my keynotes, but the question is – Will you turn your ideas into reality..?  Its all well having ideas on paper, but do something about them..!

Here’s my thoughts…

Terra Nova Equipment – Brand Ambassador


The best partnerships are those where both sides work to help each other. Therefore I am very pleased and proud to announce that I have accepted a role with Terra Nova Equipment as a Brand Ambassador.  We are both based in Derbyshire and have worked together for many years.  Where we exactly first met is lost somewhere in the mists of time, but they have helped me on many occasions with my expeditions across the world. Initially it was with the specialist needs that Frostbitten hands require in the way of gloves.  Getting any to fit was an almost impossible task, but with a little imagination and a lot of pinning we have succeeded.  Since then I have also tested many tents, sleeping bags and rucksacks, and regularly place gear reviews on their website.

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Love life like a child, just don’t behave like one…


Many people know me because of my mountaineering expeditions, but in parallel to my adventures, I’ve had a long career in Electrical Engineering.  Over my 27 years of nationalisation’s, takeovers and mergers I’ve seen may things, but one of the most startling is the ability to act like a child.  Let me explain…

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Russia 2012 – The North side of Elbrus

Standing as the tallest mountain in Europe, Mt Elbrus 5,642m (18,510ft) is not a climb to be undertaken lightly. High winds and freezing temperatures make this one of the world most notorious peaks. The west peak was first climbed in 1874 by Florence Crauford Grove. Continue reading

A South African Saga part 1 – Getting drenched in the Drakensburgs…


The flight to Johannesburg is nothing like going to the far reaches of SE Asia, but still I felt exhausted when I arrived.  I had been working and presenting hard for the last few months and it was beginning to show.  Also, a nasty chest infection had caught hold of me in Austria recently and didn’t want to let go.  A few days out in the mountains should do me good then…

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Aviemore, Avalanches and an OAP – The Third Frostbite Report


Sitting as many of us do, reading blogs like this in the comfort of our own homes, it’s easy to criticise other peoples actions.  I’ve just returned from a  week in the Cairngorms where I was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to witness this first hand.

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Presenting a marathon…


When I say to someone that Engineering is similar to Mountaineering they think I’m talking rubbish.  Perhaps I am, but over the past five months I have been delivering a great amount of Engineering Training.  This has meant speaking for eight hours a day, all week, every week.  Similarities between the two become obvious… Continue reading