2018 – Peace at Last..?

As I sit here in late December, I find it difficult to remember what I was doing last week, never mind during last year. It’s a good job that I still write my daily diary…

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From Campsites to Cruise Ships – Know Your Audience…


Mountaineering and Speaking come together in many different ways.  Usually we climb mountains, have adventures, then go and speak about them.  We write books, sign photos and give media interviews, but the strangest combinations can exist…

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Lost in Translation..?

You may think that English is the common language of the British Isles, but many people speak dialects which contain words that confuse and confound.  Just ask yourself what you call a cob..?  Whilst you are scratching your head, let me translate.  In Derbyshire we eat cobs, but they are also known as rolls, bread cakes, baps, bread buns, barmcakes and even a softy.  You might question what point I’m trying to make here..?  When you’re speaking with an audience, never assume they understand what you’re talking about.

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