Over the Horizon Lecture – RGS & MHT Blencathra Field Centre


I’ll be speaking at a RGS-IBG lecture which promises to be an exciting evening of adventure and drama. I’ll be covering some of my exploits across the globe from high mountain peaks to remote rain forests.

Held at Blencathra Field Studies Centre, Threlkeld, Keswick, Cumbria.  CA12 4SG on 15th Sept 2018

“The world may be extensively mapped, and the internet can show images of anything, anywhere, but there is nothing like sticking your head over the ridge, or round the corner to see what’s there with your own eyes”


Walk and Talk

While medication can help some people cope with their mental health problems, many also benefit from being outside more, getting some exercise and enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer. That’s why  Winfields Outdoors Walk & Talk campaign has been created.   Its aim is to contribute to the wider conversation around mental health and encourage more people to use what nature has provided as just one method of tackling their issue.

I’ve written a blog for Winfields regarding my life in the outdoors and how its saved me many times…

Walk & Talk