“We hired Nigel for a high-profile event with global business leaders. Nigel’s story is incredible and he tells it in such a powerful and compelling way. The audience was utterly gripped and the feedback was exceptional.”
Paul Gurney, CEO, Becoming X

“Nigel delivered an extremely powerful recollection of his story and ordeal during a company workshop highlighting the way that that teamwork, perseverance, and sheer determination can overcome any obstacle and situation despite long odds.“
Lee Church, Head of Engineering and Projects, Wakefield Acoustics Ltd (UK)

“I have asked Nigel to speak on several occasions: I keep going back to him because he is, quite simply, brilliant. He’ll engage a group of teenagers as easily as he will a mixed party of businesspeople. He’s natural, he’s funny and he’s damn charming. His stories blend humour with serious ponderings and gravitas. People comment on his talks for weeks and months afterwards.”
Christine Cawthorne, Crocstar

“We thoroughly enjoyed Nigel’s virtual chat with our school. The children were inspired by his stories (as were the teachers) so we are hoping that it will encourage them to get outdoors and push them out of their comfort zones! The children had so many questions and Nigel interacted with them wonderfully. I would definitely recommend his talk!”
Lou Moran – Seathorne Primary Academy

“Nigel was very personable and helpful during the event as well as leading up to it. His story is fascinating and inspiring with real life lessons you could take away.”
Steve Williams

“Thank you Nigel for taking the time and effort for making such a fabulous presentation which we shall be sure to repeat.”
Alice Webb – Lydgate Junior School, Sheffield

“Holding a group of 20+ business owners in the palm of your hand is no mean feat, especially following a two-course lunch on a sunny Friday afternoon! Nigel managed to do so comfortably and had each person humbled and motivated in equal measure! With no props or pre-made slides, Nigel shared his adventures (and learnings) in such a way that few others I have seen are able – there is a genuine foundation to his words and not just the usual re-dressed business principles found in a textbook.”
Scott Golland – CheethamJackson

“Nigel was recommended as someone who would deliver outstanding results and have the knowledge, skill and background to fully understand the target audience. This was no small challenge as the audience work in tough environments. Nigel not only met the challenge but smashed it! The audience were enthralled by him and for nearly two hours they were totally gripped by him. I am delighted with the response and how Nigel was completely appropriate in his approach to the event.”
Jane C

“Nigel captivated the audience throughout his talk and the students continued to comment on the messages of courage, determination and teamwork well into the night (and indeed continued talking about it many days later). Nigel is an accomplished speaker who speaks emotionally about his experiences and the challenges he has faced. His messages are motivational for anyone facing change or requiring a stimulating input to overcome barriers or to meet any of life’s challenges face on.”
Brian Simmers, Chief Audit Engineer, Rolls Royce

“His steely determination to battle through the aftermath of what can only be described as an epic expedition, put his life back together and go on to enjoy such fantastic adventures despite his disability is an inspiration to us all.”
Rob Edmonds, Mountain Spirit