Speaker mentor

The stage can be yours!

Getting ready to speak?

Feeling daunted? On one hand it’s an exciting opportunity! You can’t wait to speak!

On the other hand the gremlins are chatting away in your head telling you what might go wrong, how you might feel, what others might say.

It could be you don’t feel fully equipped, or you don’t trust yourself not to get overwhelmed on the day. 

The preparation might be worrying you – where do you start?

Pick up the phone, text or email me. It’ll cost you nothing to talk it over.

As your mentor

I remember the first TV interview after my recovery from frostbite as well as I do my first professional public speaking engagement.

I couldn’t say which was the hardest. 

But what I can say is that with careful planning, practice and a professional friend by your side, you can do this!

I have experience of public speaking from TEDx to corporate events, schools to the PSA.

From that comes the gift of experience that as your mentor I will share fully, give you the confidence to stand on your stage and bring your presenation to life.

Working together

Standing on a mountain top is akin to being on stage – both offer huge exposure.

I have a format for every speaking engagement that I follow and as your mentor I’ll share all the parts that are relevant to you.

I’ll get you prepared, keep you focused and help you overcome the gremlins in your head. 

Whatever it is you want from a mentor, I have the empathy from personal experience to gently guide you so that you stand on the stage and shine.

I’m really approachable, just contact me in the way that fits you best: by phone, email or text and together we can work on making your presentation stunning!