Speaking from Sea Level…


“You’re doing what..? Speaking on a cruise ship..? Why..?” These were only some of the barrage of questions I fielded when I announced that I was going to speak on the Cunard Liner Queen Victoria. “You’re a Mountaineer and boats are at sea level..!” I certainly hope they are as I’ve never seen a liner fly, but let’s get past the obvious shock. Besides being a mountaineer, I’m also a speaker.

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Working with the media part I – An overview…


For almost 20 years I have worked with the press and media. Our relationship has been a happy one, with both sides benefitting – they have their story and I have free PR (and occasionally a bit of money too!)  I’d like to share my experiences over a few blogs to help you work more effectively with the them… Continue reading “Working with the media part I – An overview…”