Lost in Translation..?

You may think that English is the common language of the British Isles, but many people speak dialects which contain words that confuse and confound.  Just ask yourself what you call a cob..?  Whilst you are scratching your head, let me translate.  In Derbyshire we eat cobs, but they are also known as rolls, bread cakes, baps, bread buns, barmcakes and even a softy.  You might question what point I’m trying to make here..?  When you’re speaking with an audience, never assume they understand what you’re talking about.

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Going nuts in Brazil part I – Running round Rio…


Now you might think me going a bit soft by travelling to Brazil, after all, I am Mr. Frostbite!  Well, I’ve climbed in many hot climates across the world since almost freezing to death on Mt. McKinley and they bring with them their own set of problems.  The hot and sweaty climates play havoc with my skin grafts and I have to watch them much more than on a freezing mountain.  The risk of infection is much higher and the chances of damaging them increased.  All that said, I was invited to climb around Rio de Janeiro by good friends Fiona and Felipe and couldn’t resist…

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