Lessons for business and life, from Nigel Vardy aka “Mr Frostbite”

Nigel Vardy, Mr Frostbite

Imagine this…

  • Exciting adventure, jungle, ocean and mountaineering stories, shared online or on-site
  • Your audience, frozen into silence as they listen and learn about decision-making, problem-solving and resilience under pressure
  • Being inspired by a motivational keynote speaker with a difference – epic disasters, life lessons, and frostbite!

Nigel Vardy’s lived experience and talent for storytelling compel business and school audiences to live their best life, even after disaster strikes.

Despite being scared of heights, he’s climbed some of the world’s highest mountains (and lost his nose, fingers and toes as a result). He’s also carried out international relief work and worked in the engineering sector for 35 years. So he understands the down-to-earth business context too.

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