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Nigel Vardy, Mr Frostbite
Nigel Vardy FRGS


I’m Nigel Vardy, known as “Mr Frostbite” since I lost my nose, fingers and toes in temperatures of -60°C on Mt. McKinley in Alaska in 1999. I was 30 years old.

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I’ve climbed mountains in many of the world’s great ranges, raced across glaciers, lived in tropical jungles, boiled, frozen, fallen, sunk and even been reported missing.

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As well as working as an engineer for over 35 years, I speak to businesses and schools about what they can learn from my experiences. Feedback regularly includes words such as “enthralled”, “captivated” and “gripped”.

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But audiences get more from me than a motivational story. They also get unforgettable messages about decision-making, problem-solving and resilience under pressure – all so important in today’s world of constant change.

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“I’m sure something is following me”


I’ve written two books about my adventures: Once Bitten and Seven Peaks, Seven Islands.

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I’m regularly invited to contribute to the media including: BBC TV and radio, The Discovery Channel, and many magazines, websites and podcasts that cover mountaineering and outdoor pursuits.

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I still travel, ski and climb in my native Derbyshire and around the world. Why? Because the outdoors shows the best of what we are, what we can learn and what we can achieve.

As such, I support organisations including:

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Drinks whisky. Owns VW camper. Loves pies.

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14 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I couldn’t manage to reply from my last email ,but it sounds like if I want to go to the desert then I’ll need to research the desert animals(scorpions) and the things I’d probably need to eat if I run out of food sources but also how I’d need to get there or what to pack for the journey, even research the climate all in my free time,. But it will all be worth it.
    Thanks for coming to my school today,

      1. Hi nigel. Today is Wednesday 23rd of June 2021 and today was the day that you came to Roe Farm Primary School in Derby and I really enjoyed the experience and I will always remember it. Thank you so much for coming. Im in Mr Davenports class aswell. You have Inspired me to do many things in the future. So thank you very much.

  2. To Mr Frostbite,
    You’re coming to my school on the 16th. But because I want to be an explorer when I’m older I thought I’d get some advice from you first.

    From Lara

        1. Hi Lara,

          The first thing to understand is the place you wish to explore. Will it be mountain, desert, jungle..? Then you can learn the skills for those climates and understand the people that you may encounter…

          1. My first ideal place would probably be the desert. I’ll want to know most creatures that could injure me in case of the ways I could be harmed but I’m not sure that everything I want to find information for will be in a good place to find it.


          2. HI Laras,

            There are scorpions and snakes in the desert, but the biggest issues are the daytime sun and nighttime cold. You’ll be surprised how cold it can get out there..!

          3. hi i am grace i feel so sorry what you went throo that .I think all of your
            pichirs are beafole have you ever climd k2

          4. I havent Grace. My injuries wouldn’t stand it now, but Im happy climbing where I can…

  3. Hi Nigel, I just stumbled again into your web page. Good to see you are still carrying on and are climbing and adventuring !
    After our little Greenland outing ( I wouldn’t mind to go back there, was really great) I continued with expeditions to Denali, I tried Cho Oyu (and stopped at 7500) then 2 times Antarctica (Mt Winson quite cold and sailing and skiing around the Peninsula, really good and not cold at all). I just came back from Peru, where we climbed Alpamayo, great climb but unfortunately the clouds came, so very cold in the wall and no view from the top, a bit silly, some of my friends say…..

    ok greetings from Strasbourg, maybe we cross each other somewhere in the Alps, thats were I am most.

    ciao Ulrich

    1. Hi Ully,

      Lovely to hear from you. It sounds like you have been very busy..! I’m looking to return to Greenland next year and have a couple of Himalayan projects on the go too.

      I ski in Austria if you’re ever around..?



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