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Meet Nigel Vardy (AKA Mr Frostbite) – a record-breaking mountaineer, author and speaker.

In 1994 I traveled to Chile in South America to take part in an Operation Raleigh expedition.  I had no idea how much that trip was to shape my life.  I began to look not only outwards into the world, but also inwards, questioning myself, my life and my decisions.  Reflection is a vitally important part of our lives, particularly in the modern world of digital media.  We run more than walk, communicate more, but speak less, and demand instant recognition for our actions.

We all need to spend more time doing things we enjoy, going to places that inspire us, laughing at ourselves, learning about the world around us and getting cold, tired, and scared every once in a while.

In 1999 I suffered severe frostbite whilst climbing on Mt. McKinley in Alaska.  Here was another defining time in my life. All my fingers and toes had to be amputated, and I suffered major facial scarring.  At 30 I felt lost, but drew on my previous experiences to not only survive, but to thrive.

I returned to climbing within two years and returned to altitude in 2002 on Island Peak in Nepal.

I then undertook a British first – to climb the highest peaks on the worlds seven largest islands. I completed this quest by climbing –

Penny Ice Cap (Baffin Island) – 2003

Gunnbjørns Fjeld (Greenland) – 2004

Kinabalu (Borneo) – 2005

Gunung Kerinci (Sumatra) – 2006

Carstensz Pyramid (Iran Jaya) in 2006

Maromokotro (Madagascar) –   2007

I work with a select number of companies using our combined strengths and skills to their best effect.  These include –

Terra Nova Equipment  – Brand Ambassador

Grangers – Brand Ambassador

Mountain Heritage Trust – Ambassador

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team – Associate Member

Ordnance Survey – #GetOutside Champion

Kendal Mountain Festival – Core Presenter

I regularly travel, ski and climb across the world as well as in my native Derbyshire.  The outdoors to me is everything we need.  It shows the best of what we are, what we can learn and what we can achieve…

10 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I couldn’t manage to reply from my last email ,but it sounds like if I want to go to the desert then I’ll need to research the desert animals(scorpions) and the things I’d probably need to eat if I run out of food sources but also how I’d need to get there or what to pack for the journey, even research the climate all in my free time,. But it will all be worth it.
    Thanks for coming to my school today,

  2. To Mr Frostbite,
    You’re coming to my school on the 16th. But because I want to be an explorer when I’m older I thought I’d get some advice from you first.

    From Lara

        1. Hi Lara,

          The first thing to understand is the place you wish to explore. Will it be mountain, desert, jungle..? Then you can learn the skills for those climates and understand the people that you may encounter…

          1. My first ideal place would probably be the desert. I’ll want to know most creatures that could injure me in case of the ways I could be harmed but I’m not sure that everything I want to find information for will be in a good place to find it.


          2. HI Laras,

            There are scorpions and snakes in the desert, but the biggest issues are the daytime sun and nighttime cold. You’ll be surprised how cold it can get out there..!

  3. Hi Nigel, I just stumbled again into your web page. Good to see you are still carrying on and are climbing and adventuring !
    After our little Greenland outing ( I wouldn’t mind to go back there, was really great) I continued with expeditions to Denali, I tried Cho Oyu (and stopped at 7500) then 2 times Antarctica (Mt Winson quite cold and sailing and skiing around the Peninsula, really good and not cold at all). I just came back from Peru, where we climbed Alpamayo, great climb but unfortunately the clouds came, so very cold in the wall and no view from the top, a bit silly, some of my friends say…..

    ok greetings from Strasbourg, maybe we cross each other somewhere in the Alps, thats were I am most.

    ciao Ulrich

    1. Hi Ully,

      Lovely to hear from you. It sounds like you have been very busy..! I’m looking to return to Greenland next year and have a couple of Himalayan projects on the go too.

      I ski in Austria if you’re ever around..?



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