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Mr Frostbite is a reliable keynote speaker for your next online or on-site event

Your event

Need a motivational keynote speaker for your online or on-site event?

My presentations will equally enthral and motivate your audience, leaving them with insights into decision-making, problem-solving and resilience under pressure which they can apply straightway and remember forever.

I tailor every keynote talk to fit your requirements. Just tell me what your goals are, how you want to engage with the attendees, what is on the minds of your management team… and I’ll make sure that my content is delivered in a way that connects with your theme.

My story

At a time when change is a constant, decision-making under pressure is key to survival.

I shouldn’t be alive. I was lucky to be rescued from the top of an Alaskan mountain in 1999, even though I lost my nose, fingers and toes to frostbite.

Since then, I’ve presented to business and school audiences, online and on-site.

Attendees discover how humans can adapt to change – but only with the right mindset, motivation and courage. In short, they learn from my disasters to help achieve their own success.

Working together

As a professional keynote speaker who’s done this for years, you can trust me to ensure your session is a success. In fact, I’ll use the same organisational skills that apply when I arrange mountain expeditions to help guide you and your staff, whether your event is held online or on-site.  

I’ve spent over 35 years in engineering, including 5 takeovers, so I have in-depth understanding of the business world.

As such, you can book me to reinforce your mission statement, vision and values, strategy, profit growth projections, and internal change programmes.

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