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Nigel Vardy aka Mr Frostbite is a record-breaking Mountaineer, Adventurer and Motivational Speaker.

At the age of 30, Nigel lost his fingers, toes and nose when he found himself trapped by a severe storm at 20,000ft. on Mt. McKinley in Alaska. His story is a gripping tale of human endurance, survival and a remarkable rescue.

After an astonishing physical recovery, Nigel found the mental fortitude and passion to embark on many more expeditions all over the world including climbing all the tallest peaks on the world’s seven largest islands – this was a British first.

From a successful career in Engineering and his whole life ahead of him, Nigel was thrust into an uncertain world of life changing injuries, disability and starting over. His lessons in resilience, decision-making and the power of problem solving in all aspects of life are thought provoking, inspiring and motivational.

Nigel brings his incredible experiences into the business world by skill-fully speaking on change, resilience and motivation – challenges which cross many adventure and business boundaries.


As a professional keynote speaker with years of experience, you can trust me to ensure your session is a success. In fact, I’ll use the same organisational skills that apply when I arrange mountain expeditions to help guide you and your staff, whether your event is held online or on-site.  

At a time when change is a constant, decision-making under pressure is key to survival. Attendees discover how humans can adapt to change – but only with the right mindset, motivation and courage. In short, they learn from my disasters to help achieve their own success.

I’ve spent over 35 years in engineering, including 6 takeovers, so I have in-depth understanding of the business world.

As such, you can book me to reinforce your mission statement, vision and values, strategy, profit growth projections, and internal change programmes.

“I have asked Nigel to speak on several occasions: I keep going back to him because he is, quite simply, brilliant. He’ll engage a group of teenagers as easily as he will a mixed party of businesspeople. He’s natural, he’s funny and he’s damn charming. His stories blend humour with serious ponderings and gravitas. People comment on his talks for weeks and months afterwards.”

Christine Cawthorne, Crocstar

“Nigel’s talk was the perfect method of illustrating the real-world skills that can come from adventurous activities, including organisation, motivation, and tackling the unknown, bringing gravitas to the programme the apprentices would be completing with us

Steve Turner, Mount Cook Adventure Centre


  • British Record-Breaking Mountaineer
  • Star of the Discovery Channel / C4 Series ‘Alive’
  • Author of “Once Bitten” and “7 x 7 – Seven Peaks Seven Islands”
  • Expert in Change Management and Project Evaluation gained from over 20 years in Electrical Engineering
  • Motivation Expert who has overcome life changing injuries and still regularly climbs across the world

“Nigel was recommended as someone who would deliver outstanding results and have the knowledge, skill and background to fully understand the target audience. This audience was no small challenge as they work in tough environments. Nigel not only met the challenge but smashed it! The audience were enthralled by him and for nearly two hours they were totally gripped by him!”

Jane Caddick Director, Breakthrough Change Management Ltd


If you have an event and need a reliable and personable motivational speaker, get in touch!