Get Insured – It Could Happen to You..!


I was recently asked to write an article on the importance of insurance, predominantly personal insurance.   Sickness and accidents can happen at any time, but I wonder how many of us are prepared..?  The field of insurance can seem bewildering and boring, but it’s a subject that we should not ignore.

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Working with the media part IV – Radio


In my fourth media blog, I’d like to talk about working on, and with Radio.  The airwaves are full of local and national stations, all needing interviews and experts to comment on news and events.  The BBC has an excellent network and it’s here where I do most of my interviews.  My local station (BBC Radio Derby) and I regularly stay in touch, and this is paramount.  You must always keep in touch with the media.  If you’re launching a new project, product, climbing a mountaineer etc, give them a call.  Remember, relationships are a two-way thing… Continue reading “Working with the media part IV – Radio”