Is modern communication destroying adventure..?

Here’s the TEDx Derby presentation I gave asking the question “Is modern communication is destroying adventure..?”  Whats do you think..?

Seven Peaks – Seven Islands


The Seven peaks – Seven Islands challenge encompasses freezing Polar ice to burning tropical savannah, ski touring to scrambling, volcanoes to glaciers and everything in-between.  It may not have the altitude of the Seven Continents climbs, but brings huge challenges and rewards for those will to take up the baton.

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Against All Odds…

During late 2012, I worked with Derbyshire filmmaker Nicola Harris on a project about my fateful climb on Mt. McKinley.

Here’s the film she has directed, shot and produced…

So you think you’re a speaker, but can you really speak..?

It’s a simple enough question really.  After all, would you employ a mechanic who couldn’t fix your car..?  The reason I ask is due to my experiences observing speakers over the last 20 years.  Some have been outstanding, some have been good, but many have been (at best) average.

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Cross world communication…

During my past 20 years of world travel the way we communicate has changed beyond many peoples imagination. For centuries the handwritten letter, which had carried news of great empires, battles, decrees and Royal announcements was abandoned for the world of satellites and WiFi.

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Tien Shan from the horses mouth…

Ok, so I’m not a horse, but if you want to know what it’s like to climb in the remote mountains of Tien Shan, then come and hear me speak on March 10th at St. John’s Church Memorial Hall, Hazelwood, nr Belper, Derbyshire.

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Taking a risk…

Life is based on risk. We would not have been born unless our mothers took risks, yet the modern world seems to be hell bent on removing them. When I say removing, should I say eradicating them and stersalising life. We have evolved as human beings by taking risks – from planting the first crops to crossing the great oceans of our world.

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20 Years in 1000 words and 5 minutes…

Christmas comes but once a year, and when it comes, it brings good cheer, oh and decorations, shopping, wrapping, panic and bedlam. The modern world is possessed with the desire of want rather than of need, and constantly demands more. I mentioned this to Zena Hawley of the Derby Telegraph as we talked about my recent invitation to Buckingham Palace (see my blog on a Royal Night to Remember).

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Courage and how to venture beyond your safety zone

I love speaking on the radio.  Whether it’s a live broadcast in a studio or a pre-record  on a telephone line, radio interviews allow wonderful debate and are easy to listen to when we are on the move or when we are working.

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Mr Frostbite. He’ll take your breath away


I’m Mr Frostbite. Let me take you on an incredible journey.

I love mountaineering, adventure and travel.  To feel warm sunlight on your face and breathe cold, fresh mountain air is what keeps me alive, but it has almost cost me my life…

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