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Where mountain rescue meets social networking

September is the month when Balls, Parties and Speaking Engagements return from the summer break.  I’ve spoken in numerous schools across the UK with my keynote ‘Once Bitten’ and have a busy few months coming up.  My messages of Self Belief, Determination and Turning Your Ideas into Reality seem to be proving popular.

I was recently a guest at the Kinder Mountain Rescue team Ruby Ball with Edwina Currie and Alan Hinkes.  It was quite a night and thankfully I escaped a ‘Strictly’ dance with feet like mine!  Actually they’ve been struggling lately due to building work at home.  I had no idea that plaster dust could cause such problems for my skin grafts.  Well, we live and learn…

I found out about the event from a message sent on Twitter.  You can find out more about the Kinder Mountain Tescue Team here…

The power of Social Networking amazed me this month.  I had a request for critical illness insurance turned down because I climb.  I posted one tweet on Twitter and suddenly had a newspaper article published, and interview on BBC Radio Derby and a news report on BBC East Midlands Today.  Be aware that whatever you post on social networking sites is being watched..!

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