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Remember, remember, here comes a busy November…

As the nights draw in, the evening speaking season begins.  I have a busy November coming up, so here’s a couple of events if you fancy coming to say hi..! (Bring beer)

On November 14th I’ll speaking for the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust as part of their 50th Anniversary celebrations.  I’ll be talking about my life in the mountains and particularly about my record breaking 7×7 challenge to climb the tallest peaks on the worlds seven largest islands.

Here’s a link to the event and to find out more contact Shirley Cross on 07770 801539

There is then the legendary Kendal Mountain Festival.  Speakers and films galore will fill the town  from 15th-18th November.  I’m on the presenting team and besides opening a number of film sets, I’ll also be introducing Josh Duek.  I also hope to catch up with Paralympic cyclist Karen Darke and Author Julie Summers during the weekend.

I’m doing a great deal of media work at the moment.   I was recently filmed in a promotional video for Wild Country Tents and am also taking part in a project with photographer and film maker Nicola Harris, focusing on private thoughts in public spaces. It sounds an exciting project, so watch this space..!

One thing that my time in the mountains has taught me is that they are a wonderful place to reflect upon life.  A number of chapters in my first book ‘Once Bitten‘ explain many of my thoughts.  I find the mountains an incredibly reflective and peaceful place, particularly in this modern world of distractions and digital solitude.  The more we ignore who we are, the less we understand ourselves.  Locking our minds away behind headphones and disengaging from society is not the answer.  Allowing the world, its sounds, the warm, the cold, the light and the dark into our souls is the only way to discover ourselves.

Thats all for now, so as a Professional Speaker, I’d better get some homework done..!

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