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February speaking dates…


I’m speaking at a couple of public events over the next few weeks.  Here’s the details…

Wednesday February 13th – Chesterfield Winding Wheel ‘Seven peaks – Seven Islands’

I’ll be speaking about my record breaking 7 x 7 climbs to summit the tallest peaks across the worlds seven largest islands.  The evening will cover everything from suffering an Appendicitis in Greenland to nearly drowning in Asia..!

Thursday February 21st – Hazelwood Memorial Hall My Annual Belper Lecture – ‘No Fingers, No Toes, No Problem’

Here’s a new presentation based on my life experiences both on and off the worlds mountains.  Everything from my birth on a stormy night in 1960’s Derby to suffering Frostbite and major arguments with cash machines…

This event will be raising funds for the Water UK Search and rescue Team (WUKSART) based in Derbyshire.

1 thought on “February speaking dates…”

  1. Thank you for your positive and entertaining talk at Morley Hayes last Thursday. I don`t mean that obtaining frostbite was entertaining! but that you are now able to report it in an entertaining way. From now on it`s `What would Nigel say?` Just get on with it! All Best Wishes.

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