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Seven Peaks – Seven Islands part III – Japan


Here’s the third miniblog about my Seven peaks – Seven Islands challenge…

Most of the worlds mountains were first climbed in the Victorian era, but Mt Fuji (3776m-12388ft) must hold the oldest recorded 1st ascent – 663AD..!  Japan is an ancient country with deep-rooted traditions and I would urge a little research into etiquette before you visit.

Mt Fuji is one of the most famous peaks in the world, and therefore can be extremely busy, in fact near the summit, there are two trails to split people climbing from those heading down.  Many people take the bus to the 5th station and walk from there, but I think that’s cheating.  It is much better (and quieter) to walk the whole Fuji-Yoshida route from its base.  The temples are beautiful, peaceful and allow time for reflection, before you reach the bedlam of the 5th station.  Walking into a tourist village halfway up a mountain can be a bit unnerving, but you can keep going and sleep high on the peak in one of the many huts.  If you’re going in the main climbing season(July/August), I would recommend booking a hut in advance.  An early start is essential to reach the summit by dawn, but don’t expect to be alone.  It’s common to be in a procession of headlamps on the way up.  You can walk around the crater in an hour, send a letter from the Post Office and even call home, before descending on the dusty trail, back to the 5th station.  Then you can take the bus home..!

Want to try the challenge yourself..?  Click here to find out more…

Next time i’ll head south to the island of Borneo…

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