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Word Up..!

Something, somewhere has happened.  Over the last few weeks my YouTube Page has been alive with comments about my accident on Mt. McKinley.

This is not new news – This was over 20 years ago.

One of the programs we recorded all those years back has been aired on TV again (in the USA I think) and people have been commenting non stop.  It’s now received over 400,000 views..! This is not all down to TV however, its down to Algorithms…

Algorithms are wonderful things. Few folk understand them (including me), but they control much of the digital world. Quite why the video should jump up the listings is beyond me, but i’m not complaining..!

The video comments do highlight a huge point in the use of words however. As a speaker I’ve always worked on the principle that you only type what you would be prepared to say to someones face. The piece involves all three of us who climbed on Mt. McKinley and so far we’ve been called –

Heroes, Brave, Determined, Strong, Loyal, Courageous, Superhuman 😀

Also – Idiots, Silly, Dumbass, Stupid, Retards, Insane and Over Privileged White Men, Dumb IceHoles (no I’m not making this up) and have been asked if a black nose is racist and if we wanted to freeze our balls off for no glory at all 🙄

The web is full of Trolls and Keyboard Warriors hiding behind a fake image, typing insults to people they’ve never met and I find it sad that words are used in this manner. Words are powerful things and should be used well, rather than be thrown away. I wrote about this is a blog last year…

Here’s the video in question. Please feel free to post comments and take a look across all my YouTube Page..!

The keyboard warriors can say what they like. As for me, I’ll type what I’d say to your face, in the knowledge that cheap insults mean nothing, but words said in person mean everything…

6 thoughts on “Word Up..!”

  1. Hi Steve, we have very much met as my partners your daughters sister in law. I remember you telling me about the events but its only recently my interest in mountain climbing has really begun and then I found the video ‘ It happened to me’ on Youtube. I was watching without even realising it was you as it said ‘Steve Bull’ and not Ball…..then the penny dropped. “hang on, that’s Steve!”. I hope you are really well and glad events never slowed you down. All the best. Rob

    1. Hi Rob, It’s Nigel here. Last time I saw Steve he was doing very well and I hope you can cath up with him soon…

  2. 1st time I had seen that video and found it really interesting- I would say for what it is worth that you are heroes and also not idiots just being adventurous . Some people I am sure will see that as foolhardy for others it’s a risk worth taking . snappy

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