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Men on Show Podcast…

Recently I was interviewed by Andrew Pain for his ‘Men on Show’ Podcast. Andrew is a down-to-earth motivational speaker on a mission to create decisive and resilient communities, break down stigmas and stereotyping, and inspire gender unity. He combines lived experience as a domestic abuse survivor, with 20 years of leadership and HR experience.

Key points of the episode:

  • How simple and cheap experiences from my childhood inspired me.
  • How one moment in my childhood shaped a belief that we do not experience the reality of life enough!
  • A terrible mountain accident – do not underestimate frostbite!
  • How I had to relearn simple things, like walking – to get back to my life of adventure.
  • How the 9-5 will never come calling!
  • How I was inspired by an American doctor (that looked like Santa Claus!)
  • My thoughts on the influences on men today.
  • My inspiring message for life.

Please click here to listen to the Podcast…

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